Leveraging design for business growth

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How can a business stand out amongst larger established competitors and become a market leader?

Havmor Ice-cream is one of the largest home grown Ice-cream, eatery and restaurant chains in India. Currently being run by the third generation of the Chona family, Havmor hopes to become a 1000 crore plus company and overtake competitors like Vadilal and Walls in the ice-cream market. 


How does a brand leverage its adherence to best practices to create and communicate value for its customers?

Havmor is stringent about the quality of its products and the use of authentic ingredients. Even though they love the products, customers often leave dissatisfied from its parlors . The brand hasn't been able to plug its leaks despite putting in a lot of effort, hiring specialists and even undertaking an extensive re-branding exercise in the recent past.